RoboKeeper - facts and figures

RoboKeeper is utterly fascinating thanks to technology made in Germany (Fraunhofer Institute) that makes this goalkeeping robot the fastest goalie in the world.

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper

Developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund, RoboKeeper is equipped with two cameras – his eyes – that record up to 90 images per second. From the vantage point above the goal, they follow every move of the ball (which sets itself apart from its surroundings thanks to its contrasting color).

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper

Image processing software uses the incoming images to calculate where the ball will probably make impact in the goal. It transmits this information in real time to the motor controller, which is responsible for the RoboKeeper's movements.

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper

All this takes place in fractions of a second. After all, in a well-aimed shot the ball can achieve speeds of considerably more than 100 km/h. The RoboKeeper's launch point is 7-8 meters, leaving only 0.3 seconds to bring the figure, which is attached to a high-performance gearbox, into position. The RoboKeeper accelerates 20 times faster than a Formula 1 car.

The Success Story

In 2007 the history of the RoboKeeper began with the development of a prototype that could only be used indoors and could only handle soft foam balls. One year and countless test shots later, the RoboKeeper was able to be used anywhere and at any time. This marked the beginning of an exciting journey:

Highlights 2019

- Allianz Cup Final Four in Braga (Portugal)

- RoboKeeper as part of the FC Barcelona Stadium-Tour

- ZDF Fernsehgarten (TV-Show)

- IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Bratislava (Slovakia)

- Nations League Final Four in Porto (Portugal)


Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper

Highlights 2018

- Champions League Festival in Kiev (9th consecutive Champions League appearance since 2010)

- TV show "Luke! The World Cup and Me"

- RoboKeeper conquers Australia, the last remaining continent

- LG Roadshow "60 Years of Innovation", debut of the photo and video module

- EHF Cup in Budapest

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper

Highlights 2017

- FIFA World Cup Promotion Tour through Russia (4 cities); among others with a duel in St. Petersburg pitting RoboKeeper against Ronaldinho

- Live show from in front of over 150 million viewers; duel RoboKeeper vs. Figo

- Roadshow for FDJ through France (16 cities)

- Skoda special exhibition (100 days) at DRIVE in Berlin

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper icehockey

Highlights 2016

- IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Moscow

- Premier League Live Event for Manchester City in Cape Town

- Asia Promotion Tour with FC Liverpool (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai)

- TV show "El Hormiguero" in Spain with a duel between RoboKeeper and Antoine Griezmann

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper Canada

Highlights 2015

- FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour in Canada (Women's World Cup)

- Nissan dealer events throughout Germany

- Soccerex exhibition in Manchester

- Manga Fan Festival in Tokyo

- FIFA Youth Cup in Zurich

Highlights 2014

- World Cup activations in Asia (4 weeks for Adidas in Beijing, 2 weeks for a shopping mall in Hong Kong, Football Festival in Kuala Lumpur for World Cup final)

- "Footballer of the Year" gala in Belgium

- Ferrari Christmas Party in Maranello

- Champions League Festival in Lisbon

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper EHF Final4

Highlights 2013

- Handball premiere at the VELUX EHF Final4 in Cologne

- Ice hockey premiere at the IIHF World Championship in Stockholm

- FIFA Confederations Cup in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte

- TV production: RoboKeeper vs. Neymar in Barcelona

- TV production: RoboKeeper vs. Rivaldo / Zico / Nakata at Maracanã

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper Lionel Messi

Highlights 2012

- TV production: RoboKeeper vs. Lionel Messi in Barcelona

- UEFA EM Fan Zone in Warsaw

- Second long-term cooperation (with TBS Television, Japan)

- Formula 1 final in Abu Dhabi

- FIFA Futsal Cup, Logrono

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper

Highlights 2011

- Fan zone of the AFC Asian Cup in Qatar

- Deutsche Post's "Joy of Playing" tour in connection with the FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany

- European Hockey Championships in Mönchengladbach

- TV production: BBC Arabia

- First foreign cooperation partner (Arneis, Italy)

Highlights 2010

- Awarded with the "Brand New Award" (ISPO)

- Hockey premiere at the Champions Trophy in Mönchengladbach

- Christmas party at Borussia Dortmund; duel between RoboKeeper and BVB stars and Jürgen Klopp

- Qatar 2022 World Cup bid final with the friendly match Brazil vs. Argentina in Doha

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper Bastian Schweinsteiger

Highlights 2009

- Development of RoboKeeper Football mini version

- Stuttgart Stock Exchange Issuers' Festival with a duel between RoboKeeper and Bastian Schweinsteiger

- 100th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz in Berlin

- German Investment Conference with the duel RoboKeeper vs. Uli Hoeneß

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper

Highlights 2008

- Premiere of RoboKeeper 2.0 at the DFB Cup Final in Berlin

- 2-week roadshow through Turkey with a total of 9 stops in 14 days

- Appearance on "TV Total", coverage in SPIEGEL newsmagazine

- Year-end retrospective of "Das Quiz" with Günther Jauch, Oliver Pocher and Christian Wulff

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper Roadshow

Highlights 2007

- Development of the RoboKeeper 1.0 prototype

- RoboKeeper premiere at travel and adventure day in Dortmund; duel against BVB stars

- Idea Expo in Hannover: Duel against Christian Wulff and Ursula von der Leyen