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Robot Goalkeeper

RoboKeeper Soccer mini

The small version of our goalkeeper robot.

The mini football version of RoboKeeper is an alternative for events with less space and smaller budgets. The equipment is specially designed to compensate for the greatly reduced distance between the shooter and the keeper.


Space requirement: Length: 8 (6) x Width: 3 x Height: 2.5 m

Power requirement: To operate the RoboKeeper, a 400 V / 32 amp three-phase current connection (CEE plug) is required directly on the module. The capacity of the RoboKeeper is 22 KW. Mains type: 3 phases + neutral, 230V/400V or 220V/380V (neutral must be present).

Support: 1 technician, 1 promoter

Additional options: speed display

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