Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper

RoboKeeper Soccer

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper

This is the soccer version of our robot goalkeeper. Competing against the RoboKeeper lets you feel what it's like to be the center of attention in a big stadium – complete with grass, a grandstand, advertising boards and floodlights. You can even choose authentic sounds like stadium noise and cheers when a goal is won. Robot goalkeeper works day and night thanks to floodlights, and weather is never an issue thanks to the highest IP protection class (water).


Space requirement: Length: 11 (8) x Width: 5 x Height: 3.5 m

Power requirement: To operate the RoboKeeper, a 400 V / 32 amp three-phase current connection (CEE plug) is required directly on the module. The capacity of the RoboKeeper is 22 KW. Mains type: 3 phases + neutral, 230V/400V or 220V/380V (neutral must be present).

Support: 1 technician, 2 promoters

Additional options: Speed display, photo/video feature

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