RoboKeeper Compact

The RoboKeeper is just fascinating. German Engineering brought this high technology to life and created the fastest goalie in the world.

Two cameras are considered as the eyes of the RoboKeeper who take 90 pictures in a second. These are installed over of the goal, which follow the ball’s movement and action. The ball’s color needs to differentiate itself from the Environment.

The Image processing software is able to calculate the arrival point of the ball just by the taken pictures of the camera.

From there, the information is sent to the motor control, which is responsible for the RoboKeeper’s actions.

Shots can reach the velocity of 100 km/h and so this whole process operates in less than a second.

The shooting line is 9 Meters away from the goal, which gives the figure only 0,3 seconds to react and move to the right position. The RoboKeeper accelerates 20 times faster than a Formula 1 car.

The Success Stroy

The RoboKeeper was brought to life in 2007 starting off with only different Prototypes. Those were only able to be used use indoors and shot by foam balls. A year later you were able to operate the RoboKeeper anywhere and anytime and this is where the exciting journey began:

Highlights 2018

- Champions League-Festival in Kiew (9th year in a row cooperating with Champions League since 2010.

- TV Show “Luke! The World and me”

- RoboKeeper reaches his the last continent and visited AUSTRALIA!

- LG-Roadshow “60 years of innovation”, Release day of the official Photo and Video Tool

- EHF-Cup in Buspest

Highlights 2017

- Fifa World Cup Promotion Tour in Russia (4 cities) incl. the RK-Challenge Ronaldinho vs. RoboKeeper in St. Petersburg.

- RoboKeeper duel against Figo on Alibaba’s Live Show with over 150 Mio viewers.

- Road show for FDJ in France (16 cities)

- Skoda exclusive exhibition at DRIVE in Berlin (100 days)

Highlights 2016

- IIHF Ice Hockey World Cup in Moskau

- Premier League Live Event for Manchester city in Capetown, South Africa

- Promotion Tour with FC Livepool through Asia (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai)

- RoboKeeper duel vs. Antoine Griezmann at the TV-Show ‘El Hormiguero’ in Spain

Highlights 2015

- FIFA Women’s World Cup Trophy-Tour in Kanada

- Several merchant events for Nissan through Germany

- Soccerex Exhibition in Manchester

- Manga Fan Event in Tokyo

- Fifa Youth Cup in Zurich

Highlights 2014

- World Cup sponsor activation in Asia (4 Weeks for adidas) 2 weeks at a shopping mall and at the Football Festival in Kuala Lumpur for the final

-At the “Football Player of the year” Gala in Belgium

- Ferrari Christmas party in Maranello

- Champions League festival in Lisbon

Highlights 2013

- Handball-Premiere at the VELUX EHF Final4 in Cologne

- Ice hockey-premiere at IIHF World Cup in Stockholm

- FIFA Confederations Cup in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte

- TV-production RoboKeeper vs. Neymar in Barcelona

- TV-Produktion RoboKeeper vs. Rivaldo / Zico / Nakata at the Maracana

Highlights 2012

- TV-Production RoboKeeper vs. Lionel Messi in Barcelona

- UEFA European Championship-Fanzone in Warschau

- Second long-term cooperation (TBS Television, Japan)

- Formula 1-final in Abu Dhabi

- FIFA Futsal-Cup, Logrono

Highlights 2011

- Fanzone at the AFC Asian Cups in Qatar

- „Spielfreude-Tour“of the Deutschen Post at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in

- Hockey-European Championship in Mönchengladbach

- TV-production BBC Arabia

- first international cooperation partner (Arneis, Italien)

Highlights 2010

- Received the „Brand New Award“(ISPO)

- Hockey premiere at the Champions Trophy in Mönchengladbach

- Christmas Party at Borussia Dortmund; Duel RoboKeeper vs. BVB-Stars and Jürgen Klopp

- World Cup-candidature final 2022 in Qatar during the game Brasilien vs. Argentinien in Doha

Highlights 2009

- Development and Creation of the RoboKeeper mini

- Issuer Party at the Stuttgart Stock Exchange

- 100-year anniversary Mercedes-Benz in Berlin

- German Investment Conference incl. the duel RoboKeeper vs. Uli Hoeneß

Highlights 2008

- Premiere of the RoboKeepers 2.0 at the DFB-Cup final in Berlin

- Roadshow through Turkey incl. 9 stopps in 14 days

- „TV total“ TV show at SPIEGEL

- Throwback of the Year at the Show “Das Quiz” with Günther Jauch, oliver Pocher and Christian Wulff

Highlights 2007

- Developing the Prototypes

- RoboKeeper-Premiere at the Travel and Experience day in Dortmund; Shooting vs. BVB – Soccer Stars

- IdeenExpo in Hannover: RoboKeeper vs. Christian Wulff and Ursula von der Leyen