Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper

RoboKeeper Soccer

Automatic Goalkeeper robot Goalkeeper

Shooting against our Robot Goalkeeper RoboKeeper brings out the real stadium feeling – with green grass underneath, bleachers, Ad boards or branding logos and floodlight. In addition, stadium sounds and cheer sounds during a goal are possible to order as well. Floodlight makes it possible to play during the day and at night. And our technical parts make it also possible to play in the rain as well.



Space Requirements: L: 11.0 (8.0) x W: 5.0 x H: 3.5 m

Electrical Requirements: 400 (380) V / 32 Ampere connection (three-phase current, CEE plug); 3 phases + neutral wire, 230V/400V or 220V/380V; phase-to-neutral voltage 220V - 230V must be available! The wattage of the RoboKeeper amounts to 22 kW.

Staff: 1 technician, 2 promoters

Other Options: Speed-Display, Photo & Video feature

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